Monday, December 27, 2010

The Secret of Cruise Ship Slot Machines and How You Can Get the Edge!

Have you recently heard of any funny business (cheating) going on in Las Vegas? No? That's because the Nevada gaming commission knows that any profits cheated would be far less than profits lost if the cheating becomes public.  Slots are regulated and the %wins can be calibrated by a machine.  It has to be locked into a certain percentage regulated by the gov't. (Technically some can be higher than others as long as they all average the given "take.")

Have you ever heard of cheating in the lottery (outside a bad John Travolta movie?) No? That is because there is regulation in government lotteries.

Who regulates and inspects the cruise ship casino? Anyone?  Did you know the company that runs the casinos on Carnival also runs the Princess, Cunard and other CCL ships?  They are all connected.

Here is the secret that not even most industry insiders know:

First, please read my other entries.  They won't make you rich but you might like them. Okay - you'll only hear this from an almost comatose drunk slot technician at 6am and as far as I know this information doesn't exist ANYWHERE on the internet!

SO - the percentage of a slot machine can be changed, RIGHT? (crowd: YES, TRUMPETDAD)

SO - if you were a cruise line, would you take everyone's money on the first night of the cruise? NO! The people would never come back during their cruise and they would tell all the passengers the slots are rigged or tight and no one would play.

SO - if you were a cruise line, would you give all your money away on the last night? Those people might never come back!  Why would you do that?  If you could change the % payout of a slot machine to maximize profit from a crowd of people over seven days, how would you do it?

Here's how it works, and how it can work for you.  On the first night alot of people "try their luck" and win.  It is so easy to win that even non-gamblers are so tempted to put their winnings back to see if they win more.  Throughout the cruise they ADVERTISE to other passengers how much money they won! You can can win and on the last night everyone wants to try one last time where they lose it all and then some.

Quite simply, anyone caught feeding the slots on the last night might as well buy Carnival stock so you can profit from their extra revenue!  The way you do it is think of a gambling budget for the cruise and play it the first and second nights ONLY.  For the other nights use your winnings for entertainment and stay out of the casino!

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More secrets to come from the inside world of a crewmember...

PS - one more tip. If you buy this item you are GUARANTEED to win in any casino in the world (just kidding.)


  1. Wow, this makes a lot of sense. We don't waste our money much on gambling, but on our upcoming cruise on the Coral Princess in May, we'll give it a shot!


  2. I've heard this too and generally only play earlier in the cruise, however, I had a bit of my budget left to blow on the last night of my cruise last year and figured what the heck... and I won $300 on a $1 spin! That was certainly unexpected!

  3. I just went through that! The first night I did what I thought was great. By the last night of the cruise, they got it ALL back and them some! Learned my lesson!!!

  4. What a bunch of tripe. Don't believe idiots like this guy. He doesn't know anything at all about how slot machines work.

    1. Hold up, don't speak so fast. I went on my first cruised and the first night I won off and on to the tone of about $2000. The other nights I didn't good at all. The last night was proving to be a wash until AI won $1200. O I am in agreement with what was written.

  5. You may think it tripe, but I know it is 100% truth. Anyway, even the MIT "21 Club" lost $50,000 a night some nights even when they improved their odds. The odds on the first night truly are better, but you can lose money. The odds on the last night are tighter, but you can win big, too.

  6. You cannot improve the odds of a slot machine program.
    It is hardcoded. Payback percentages can be reoptioned,
    but doing so would take considerable time and slot technicians (not attendants; technicians). Cruise lines
    do not keep slot technicians on hand. Repairs, optioning and conversions happen when the ship is docked between passanger cruises (not at a destination port).
    Further, all other jurisdictions are regulated by a
    state agency that require a minimum payback percentage. Software development always adheres to this minimum percentage. Slot machine manufacturers would not go through the cost of special development for a few thousand slot machines only to have players remember their theme as the 'one that took them on the last day'.
    Maybe you should stick to trumpets, Dad. Love you.

    1. Thank you for reading my blog and for finding it interesting enough to add comments to. I met many slot technicians working aboard, not attendants. "Between passenger cruises" is only 2 hours (from 10am to 12pm turnaround day usually) so it does not make sense that they do have time to do these conversions and reoptions then, but not in the 8 hours the casino is walled up and closed off in a port day! Does "all other juristictions" cover Liberia, Panama, Bahamas, and other "flags of convenience?" The ship is not "US" but international - how else could they get away with paying some people $50/month! I worked on cruise ships for 11 years and I htink I know a little bit about what goes on at sea. You seem very familiar with slot machines, but not the casino programs that operate on cruise ship.

      Thank you for adding to the blog - it keeps it interesting hopefully for all involved!

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  7. After 16+ Cruises Loosest slots to tightest slots.
    Carnival,Royal Carib,Celebrity,NCL,Princess.
    I have hit big on the first night $9000 and $1500 on the last night. Generally slots are much tighter on ships.

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